About Me

Niroshan MirandoI was Born In Gampaha, Sri Lanka and was inspired by nature at a very young age. As a high school student, I got actively involved studying and observing wildlife around my home garden and neighboring abandoned cinnamon plantation. This provided me a great laboratory of nature to explore what is out there and understand the behaviors of the animals.

For the high school project I end up studying the butterfly diversity on my neighborhood and final result been the handwritten book about butterflies, subsequently, I got chosen for the young environment symposium held by Department of Forestry and environment studies, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka in 2001. As a young school boy, I got heavily motivated by the findings presented by the participants.

Years later my studies led me to become a Software Engineer but my passion for wildlife continued. As a result in 2006, I started working for IUCN (The International Union for conserving nature and natural resources) as an IT and communications officer. I was there for 2 years getting influenced by all the top conservationist, naturalist, and scientist. I was motivated to explore more about nature and help a little bit for the great effort lots of conservationist putting on.

I began to study photography learn more about wildlife and traveling and finally Left full-time job at IUCN and continued to work as a project based consultant time to time. After almost 6 years I have fulfilled my desires and enjoying my work with the camera and tries to travel as much as I can while being a busy IT Professional.

During the past 6 years, I was able to explore many National Parks, Rainforests and many interesting places here in Sri Lanka. I was fortunate to explore many parts of Malaysia including the great Borneo Island. Birding in Kaeng Krachan National Park (KKC) also gave me great ideas to move forward.

Exploring Udawalawa National Park , Sri Lanka

Exploring Udawalawa National Park , Sri Lanka


 Some of the notable places I have traveled and explored. 
  • Sadakan , borneo Island – Malaysia
  • Kaeng Krachan National Park , Thailand
  • Sepilok , borneo Island – Malaysia
  • Kinabalu National Park , borneo Island – Malaysia
  • Kota Kinabalu , borneo Island – Malaysia
  • Pennang , Malaysia
  • Urban wildlife in Singapore.
  • Taman Nagara Pahang, Malaysia
  • Southern Parts of India
  • Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
  • Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
  • Mannar Island , Sri Lanka
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka
  • Knuckles mountain range, Sri Lanka
  • Peak wilderness, Sri Lanka


 Published Work 


I have contributed my pictures to many publications published by the IUCN and for the some of the local magazines such as Serendib magazine published by the national airline in Sri Lanka.

Please visit the Published work page here.

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